According to our Statutes, the highest-decision making body of the Union is the General Assembly. The General Assembly (GA) comprises all the Youth Ambassadors of the Union that represent the high-school students at the city level. The President chairs and convenes the GA.

  • On the central level, the second highest-decision making body that is charged with the day-to-day running of the organization is the Executive Board (EB). The EB implements the decisions made by the General Assembly.
  • The General Assembly and the Executive Board can decide to form various other committees, working groups and taskforces to focus on a specific portfolio within the Union’s work.
  • On the local level, the Union consists of local branches that include activists, members and youth ambassadors from the high-school population in that area. The local branches are led by our highly motivated and dedicated youth ambassadors.

High-school students


Manifesto points




Luka Pavikjevikj


I am a third-year student and a Boris Trajkovski Scholar at NOVA International Schools. Ever since my primary school days, I was frustrated by seeing the voice of the students twisted, ignored, or even shut down. There were no structures that adequately represented our voice, while the student councils served as a rubber stamp. This injustice motivated me to become a researcher and an activist. Apart from being a published author, co-editor-in-chief of my school’s newspaper, NOVA Times, and secretary of the student council, my career in the Union started in spring of 2020 as a member of the Executive Board and, then, Secretary-General. Elected in June 2021, I will use these two years as your President on creating a system that will properly represent us for years to come.

Emira Husovich

First Vice President

I am Emira Husovikj, the First Vice President of the Union. I go to the Kocho Ratsin Gymnasium in Veles. I am a third-year student. From 2020, I have been actively advocating for high-school students’ rights and fighting against the injustices in the education system. Apart from the Union, I am an active member of several NGOs, and I believe in anti-discrimination, sex education, activism, and volunteering. It can be said that those are my priorities. Yet, my biggest priority is forensics. After my secondary education, I want to study for a BA in Forensics and work in a crime lab.

Jana Popova


My name is Jana Popova, a third-year student in the Gymnasium Nikola Karev in Skopje. My position in the Union is Secretary-General. I will give the best of myself to contribute towards implementing our goals in these two years that await us. I would say that I have considerable influence on CSOs and projects. As high-school students, it is crucial to have our voices heard. Therefore, my priority is to represent my peers and fight for a better education system.

Vlatko Stojkoski

Head of Web and Graphic Design

I am Vlatko Stojkoski and I am a first-year student in the Yahya Kemal College in Skopje. With my ambitiousness and creativity, I managed to find inspiration to achieve the higher goals that I set for myself. Before becoming a member of the Union, I engaged in several projects via which I improved education and the life of high-school students. They motivated me to join the Union. My role in the Union reflects my most developed skills: programming, design, and social media.

Eva Karamanovska

Head of Communications

Hi, I am Eva Karamanovska, a third-year student in the Gymnasium Nikola Karev in Skopje. I am a young, very motivated individual with big ambitions and a great desire for work. I have been a member of student councils in both my primary and my high school, so the opportunity to be a part of the Union is an enormous opportunity both for personal development and for progress in education. I would call myself an artist that always uses her knowledge and talent for design to develop community projects. Ergo, my position in the Union is Head of Communications. I am a member of the graphic design team. I am also in charge of our social media profiles. I hope and believe that with lots of work and dedication, I will contribute to improving education in our country over these two years.

Filip Najdovski

Head of PR

My name is Filip Najdovski, I am a first-year student in SABA-Skopje. I have been actively supporting the rights of all high-school students and fighting against different injustices in the education system in our country. I am also a member of a few other Non-Governmental Organizations and the founder of one organization that also works to improve education in our country. I became a member of the Executive Board in 2021. I serve as the Head of PR.

Adora Limani

Head of Research and Strategy

I am Adora Limani, and I attend NOVA International Schools. I am a third-year student. I have been a member of the Executive Board since 2020. Education activism and women's rights interest me particularly, so I founded the first feminist club in my school. My active participation in my school's debate club and newspaper, as well as my passion for writing, equipped me with research skills. That is why my current role in the Union is Head of Research and Strategy. My plan for the next two years is to use my skills and knowledge to help high-school students across the entire country fight for a better education.

Gordana Petkovska

Head of YA Relations

Hello! I am Gordana Petkovska, a student in the Economic and Law School of the city of Skopje Vasil Antevski Dren. This year I am graduating high school. I am a member of many non-governmental organizations, which work on many different problems in contemporary society. Starting as a Youth Ambassador for Skopje, I became a member of the Executive Board in 2021. I serve as the Head of YA Relations. I am sad that this will be my last year in the Union, yet looking at the new generations makes me sure that the Union will stay in safe hands!